Hannah Sandu

Musician • Singer • Teacher • Artist


I welcome students to my home in Amesbury where I have a designated teaching room. 

During these COVID times I am also available to give remote lessons via the zoom platform. 

Any face to face lessons are currently given using the 2 metre social distancing rule and extra sanitary measures in place.


The piano, as my first instrument has been the centre of my musical world. I believe a working knowledge of the piano is a wonderful language you can give yourself. 

Not only is it the best representation of understanding the theory of music but it is one of the most versatile of all instruments and can bring such joy to both performer and listener.

I have been teaching piano to all ages from 5 – 75 for over fourteen years. I cover a multitude of styles using a variety of teaching techniques to suit the individual’s tastes and learning style. 

Whether there is a specific song you have always wanted to play, you’d like to make your way through the grades, perform in public or simply have an outlet to relax with and entertain your friends, I can use my expertise to help you achieve your goal in a patient, relaxed and encouraging environment.


I truly believe there is no such thing as somebody who cannot sing. Understanding the mechanics of how the voice works can help you release your true sound and explore the powerful instrument we all have within us. 

Whether you prefer classical or pop, music theatre or folk, I can help guide and progress your skills to achieve whatever goals you set yourself- be that to grow in confidence singing in front of people, joining a choir, achieving grades or entertaining the crowd at your local pub! 

I understand the challenges not only of controlling the voice but also the mind and the impact of nerves. I can provide a safe space to explore the art of performance and build confidence in learning to control the most communicative form of musical expression we have.

I can also offer specialised vocal coaching in collaboration with Sam Burr, a speech and language therapist. Targeting specific vocal issues we explore the mechanics of the voice through singing to create a better understanding and control of our instrument.